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Lunt Solar H Alpha 50mm


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New 50mm f/7 refractor-based Hydrogen-alpha telescope from Lunt provides an excellent introduction to solar observing in Ha or solar photography using a suitable imaging camera.
Features an internally mounted etalon with Pressure Tuner adjustment and either a B400 or B600 blocking filter. The larger B600 blocking filter is the better option for imaging

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Pressure Tuner
True Doppler Tuning (Pressure Tuning) allows for a shift into and away from the user, adding a 3D-like component to the viewing experience. While it has minimal effect on proms due to their being at the edge of the disk, it does have an effect on filaments and active regions on the surface. While looking at a filament at the center of the Sun the user has the ability to Doppler shift from the base of the filament to the tip, following the filament through it’s structure toward you and away from you, allowing for enhanced visual and imaging capability for the observer as well as a research tool for the avid hobbyist. The pressure tuning system provides an order of magnitude more precision to the tuning of the desired features.

Double Stacking
An optional matching LS50C compact double stack filter is also available which allows you to lower the bandpass to <0.5 Angstrom which gives much greater surface detail. The double stack filter is easy to fit - it simply screws directly on to the LS50THa.


Type    Single Interference Etalon
Tuning    Internal Pressure Tune (Doppler True Tuning)
Aperture    50mm
Focal Length    350mm
F Ratio    F7
Bandpass    <0.75 Angstroms @ 656nm
Focuser    Helical Focuser
Mounting    Integrated clamshell style with 1/4-20 tapped base
Color    Pearl White with Black and Red accents
Diagonal    B400 or B600 Blocking Filter