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QHY5-II-Series CCD


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After the success of QHY5 guiding camera(2006-2012), QHYCCD released the new generation Guide/Planetary Camera QHY5-II. QHY5-II series camera improved the transfer speed of USB.

Harga :

QHY5-II Mono  Rp. 4.200.000 (Standar)

QHY5L-II Mono  Rp. 8.500.000 (Premium)  - Rp. 5.850.000 (Standar)

QHY5P-II Color Rp.  5.450.000,- (Standar)

More details

More info

It can get the USB2.0 transfer limiation up to 39MByte/s and 30FPS@1280*1024 or 1280*960 on modern computers.It can even get more than 100FPS@640*480 and 320 or 200FPS@320*240.With the new hardware/firmware construction, QHY5-II series improved the performance in short exposure. The banding issue on QHY5 in short exposure due to the computer CPU busy will never happen..

QHY5-II use 1.25inch style eyepiece shape design.It is very idea for the low weight guider setup. With the location ring it can get the confocal with the your eyepiece. It is very tight but still powerful. Improved thermal design can transfer the heat of CMOS sensor to the metal case quickly.  

The QHY5-II supply WDM drivers. It means you can use it as a ultra high performance webcam for video chart or video livebroad cast. You can show the realtime astronomy scene to your friends with this camera.
QHY5-II series can be connected with the coming QHY Standalone InterGuider.

The QHY5L-II's high sensitivity and low noise is another highlight in QHY5-II series. With unbelievable 74% QE QHY5L-II's sensitivity is even exceed many CCD camera's. It is said the QHY5L-II's image quality get or beyond the ICX618 based cameras. The readout noise is quite as low as 6 electrons. The sensor's On-chip FPN(Fixed pattern Noise) calibration function solved the major problem of the CMOS technology. Image is clear and uniform even under high gain.  With these advantage, QHY5L-II makes outstanding image quality for planetary imaging, guiding, deep sky imaging and all sky camera.

Reference Article
1.A detail study of QHY5L-II and another popular guider on CloudyNight(English version)
2.The auto-guide compare of QHY5L-II and a popular guider(Chinese version)

Model    Sensor    Effective Pixels    Sensor Size(Typical)    Max FPS at Full size    Spec Flyer
QHY5-II    MT9M001 MONO    1.3mega    1/2inch    1280*1024 30FPS    QHY5-II introduce
QHY5L-II(High QE!)    MT9M034 Color/Mono    1.2mega    1/3inch    1280*960 30FPS    QHY5L-II introduce
QHY5T-II    MT9T001    3.0mega    1/2inch    2048*1536
QHY5P-II    MT9P006(color)
MT9P031(mono)    5.0mega    1/2.5inch    2592*1944


APOD 2014.4.11 Mars near Opposition by Mr.Fábio Carvallho and Gabriela Carvalho with their QHY5L-II-M and 16inch Newton

QHY5L-II Jupiter
QHY5L-II-MONO  Image by Mr.Maximo Suirez

QHY5L-II NGC2392 DSO image
NGC 2392 RGB QHY5L-II-MONO Image by Mr.Maximo Suirez

Solar Ha QHY5L-II
QHY5L-II Solar Ha Image by Jesus Munoz from MEXICO
(Click Image to see fullsize image)

QHY5L-II Guiding Results at long focal telescope

I used the mono for OAG on my C-14 CGE with PHD guiding. The B-33 horse-head nebulae was taken by QHY9M, 6 30-minute H-alpha sub-exposures at prime focus. I can now confidently find guiding stars with this high sensitivity guider for any imaging session which was impossible in the past at 4 meter focal length.        --manfok

Highlights and QE in Each model


1/2inch size. Good FOV. Idea for Guiding

    QHY5-II Mono QE


Very High QE(74% for mono)
No FPN noise
No random horizontal noise
CCD alike image quality.Close to ICX618 camera
HDR support for 120dB dynamic range
Lunar and planetary imaging
All sky camera
Entry level deep sky imaging
Electric View Finder



1/2inch size. 3.0mega pixel


High QE for QHY5P-II-C
1.51V/lux*sec. Three times sensitivity than other 5.0mp camera
Very small pixel
5.0mega pixel high resolution
No FPN noise
No random horizontal noise




Standard Package
includes:    1. QHY5-II series camera body    
                   2. Location Ring   
                   3. USB cable
                   4. Guide cable
                   5. 1.25inch Extender (After 2013.1)
Premium Package
(avaliable on 2013.1)
includes:    1. QHY5-II series camera body    
                   2. Location Ring   
                   3. USB cable
                   4. Guide cable
                   5. 1.25inch Extender
                   6. C-mount adapter
                   7. CS-mount adater
                   8. Tripod adapter
                   9. Small Tripod for WebCam using
                 10. 8mmF1.0 CS lens for Electric View Finder application
                 11. 180 degree CS lens for All sky Camera application