PW1000 (1-Meter Observatory System)

PlaneWave Instruments is proud to introduce the PW1000, a fully automated 1-meter class telescope observatory system. The PW1000 combines PlaneWave's revolutionary CDK optical system or traditional RC design  with its innovative Alt-Az, direct-drive mount technology that sets a new standard for 1-meter observatory telescopes. 


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Optical Design Corrected Dall-Kirkham (CDK)
Aperture 1000 mm (39.37inch)
Focal Length 6000 mm
Focal ratio f/6
Central Obstruction 47% of the Primary Mirror Diameter
Back Focus 373mm (14.7 inches) from Mounting Surface of de-rotator
Weight 2600 lbs
Optical Tube Dual truss structure with Nasmyth focus ports
Optical Performance 3.7 micron RMS spots [35mm on-axis] (400 to 900nm) 5.0 micron RMS spots [50mm off-axis] (400 to 900nm) Spot Diagram Vignetting Diagram
Dimensions 135" H x 72" W x 45"
Optimal Field of View 100mm (1.0 degrees)
Focus Position Dual Nasmyth Focus Ports
Image Scale 29 microns per arcsecond at F/6




Fork Assembly Space Frame Steel Truss
Fork Base Welded stainless steel torsion box
Azimuth Bearing Dual 11.125 inch tapered roller bearings
Altitude Bearing Three 9.5 inch 4 way loaded ball bearings (two pre-loaded on motor side and one on non motor side)
Optical Tube Dual truss structure with Nasmyth focus
Instrument Payload 300 lbs (150 ft-lbs) - mounted on the field de-rotator plate



Motor Control Industrial grade Parker brushless motor control system and built in electronics
Motor - Azimuth and Altitude Direct Drive 3 Phase Axial-Flux Torque Motor
Encoder - Azimuth and Altitude Absolute encoder with a resolution of 0.078 arcseconds (16.5 million counts per revolution)
Motor Torque Greater than 200 ft-lbs of peak torque
Drive Electronics Controls the altitude and azimuth motors and encoders, 2 direct drive de-rotators with absolute encoders, 4 fans zones, 3 dew heater zones, two focusers, an array of temperature sensors, M3 port selector, primary mirror covers and magnetic axis deceleration
Telescope Control Software Incorporates PointXP mount modeling software and All Sky PlateSolve both by Dave Rowe. Also included is automatic focusing, dew heater control, primary mirror cover control, dome control and all ASCOM compatible. Linux and Windows compatible.



Pointing Accuracy Better than 10 arcsecond RMS with PointXP Model
Pointing Precision 2 arcsecond
Tracking Accuracy <1 arcsecond error over 10 minute period
System Natural Frequency 10 Hz or greater
Field De-Rotator Accuracy < 3 microns of peak to peak error at 35mm off-axis over 1 hour of tracking (18 arc sec)



Radius of Curvature 6260 mm (246.46 inches)
Optical Diameter 1000 mm (39.4 inch)
Outer Diameter 1020mm (40.157inch)
Core Diameter 360.7 mm (14.2 inches)
Material Fused Silica
Primary Thickness 85 mm (3.3 inches)
Primary Weight 122 lbs. (54% light weighted)
Cell 18 point



Radius of curvature 5740 mm (226 inches)
Optical Diameter 450 mm (17.7 inches)
Material Fused Silica
Secondary Weight 27.2 lbs



Optical Major Diameter 404 mm (15.9 inches)
Optical Minor Diameter 286 mm (11.3 inches)
Material Fused Silica
M3 Thickness 65 mm (2.6 inches)

  • Diameter (mm) 1000
  • F/rasio f/6
  • Mobilitas Permanen
  • Panjang Fokus (mm) 6000