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  • QHY5-II-Mono


    QHY5-II series After the success of QHY5 guiding camera(2006-2012), QHYCCD released the new generation Guide/Planetary Camera QHY5-II. QHY5-II series camera improved the transfer speed of USB. Harga :QHY5-II Mono  Rp. 4.200.000 (Standar)QHY5L-II Mono  Rp. 8.500.000...

  • QHY5-III 178 Mono

    QHY5-III 178 Mono

    QHY5-III 178 Mono The QHY5-III 178 Mono has the highest resolution in the new QHY5 III series CMOS USB3.0 cameras



    QHY5P-IIM Monochrome CMOS Planetary Aptina 1/2” MT9P031 CMOS Sensor 2592 x 1944 pixels Super small pixel size of 2.2um USB and ST4 interface QE of 63%

  • QHYCCD174


    QHYCCD pleased to introduce our QHY174M-GPS COLDMOS camera with optional GPS based precision time and location function, useful for imaging occultations, eclipses, meteors, and other scientific imaging requiring a highly precise recording of the time and location of the observation on every frame.   

  • QHY9 (mono)


    QHY9 is a classic mono camera using the very popular 8.6mega pixel KAF8300 CCD sensor. This sensor has a good QE for deep sky imaging. The peak QE is 56% and it has 48% QE in H-alpha wavelength. The 4/3 inch size let it works well for most telescopes. Harga : Rp. 36.750.000,-