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  • LhiresIII

    ES0002 – Lhires III

    The  Lhires III spectroscope is the “historical” instrument from Shelyak. Designed right after the “Ecole d’Astrophysique” du CNRS (astrophysical school organized by the french national science organization) in 2003 for Be stars observation, it has since found numerous other applications.  

  • PF0029 – LISA Pack

    PF0029 – LISA Pack

    LISA Pack provides you LISA spectroscope and its accessories. This all-in-one configuration has been already tuned in our workshop and can be rapidly attached to your telescope and connected to your computer. Price : Call

  • SE0116 Standard slit for Lhires III LISA

    Standard slits set included in Lhires III and LISAspectroscopes.With an additional set, you can make fast slit changes. To be combined with slit holder for