Modified DSLR Camera Terdapat 2 produk.

  • Nikon Modified

    Nikon Modified

    The original filter present in the DSLR camera is not entirely transparent, especially to red part of the spectrum and then to the more important emission line, the H- alpha (emitted by many nebula for example). The FullRange modification consists removing the Canon EOS or Nikon the original filter, iin this way the camera becomes more sensitive,...

  • DSLR with Baader

    Modified DSLR with Baader BCF filter

    00Da camera, APS-C color sensor 22.3 x 14.9mm, astronomy modified front filter, 3" touchscreen and articulated display. Based on the Canon EOS 800D model, our 800Da camera offers higher sensitivity than the stock DSLRs cameras thanks to special astronomy filters we install in front of the sensor replacing the original one!