CCD Camera Terdapat 9 produk.

Kamera Astronomi yang menggunakan detektor CCD

  • SBIG STF8300

    SBIG STF8300

    MONO AND COLOR CCD The STF-8300M (monochrome) and STF-8300C (color) cameras are updated versions of the popular ST-8300 models based on Kodak's KAF-8300, 8.3 megapixel, full frame CCD.  This CCD array has 3326 x 2504 pixels at 5.4 microns making it ideal for both short fast optics in high...

  • AtikOneKit_09

    Atik One 9.0 Integrated Kit

    Looking for great value? For a limited time, you get three in one, the Atik One with the Atik GP, plus an M42 off-axis guider for an unbelievable price. Perfect for intermediate to experienced astrophotographer’s looking for a cooled CCD camera that takes stunningly detailed deep sky images. ...

  • QHL8L

    QHY8L/8Pro (Color)

    APS-C is a big size among one short color CCD cameras. QHY8L/8PRO is a 6 mega pixel camera with APS-C size SONY CCD sensor. SONY's CCD sensor is famous because its low thermal noise. Especially with QHYCCD's 2-stage TEC and thermal construction design QHY8L has the cooling capability of -40C below ambient. It brings very clean image to you even...

  • AtikOneKit_09

    Atik One 6.0 Integrated Kit

    The Atik One 6.0 features the same incredible 6 megapixel Sony ICX694 EXview sensor as our highly renowned Atik 460EX camera for outstanding sensitivity at a fantastic resolution purposely engineered for deep sky imaging. Housed in an advanced body with internal filter wheel, the One 6.0 provides an all-in-one solution for mono...

  • QHY10L

    QHY10L (Color)

    Having very low thermal noise, this sensor has a high fullwell feature. Even in a 6.05um square pixel, it has 45ke fullwell. Which is almost double than the ICX413 with 7.8um square pixel and almost double than the color 8300 sensors with 5.4um square pixel. It brings better colors and...

  • Atik 11000

    Atik 11000

    The Atik 11000 is Atik’s top of the range high resolution, large-format cooled CCD camera. It incorporates a huge 37mm x 25mm sensor, and is the camera for the uncompromising user who is looking to create stunning high-resolution deep sky images using the Kodak KAI 11002 CCD sensor; and is available in mono or one-shot colour cameras....

  • QHY12L


    Memliki karakteristik yang sama dengan QHY10L NAMUN dengan area detektor yang lebih besar sehingga dapat mengamati daerah yang lebih luas. HARGA: CALL

  • Atik Horizon

    Atik Horizon

    The Atik Horizon is the first Atik CMOS Camera developed for deep sky astrophotography. It houses a 16MP CMOS sensor makes it a great option if you’re looking to upgrade from DSLR, or have system that would benefit from shorter exposure times.  

  • QHY9 (mono)


    QHY9 is a classic mono camera using the very popular 8.6mega pixel KAF8300 CCD sensor. This sensor has a good QE for deep sky imaging. The peak QE is 56% and it has 48% QE in H-alpha wavelength. The 4/3 inch size let it works well for most telescopes. Harga : Rp. 36.750.000,-