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Software dan Buku terkait dengan Astronomi dan Olimpiade Astronomi

  • Starry Night Pro Plus 7

    Starry Night Pro Plus 7

    Starry Night Pro Plus 7 Starry Night Pro Plus 7 makes it easier than ever to access professional grade features and databases, and control your telescope. Engineered for precision, designed for research, and continually evolving for the astronomer who expects the very best in-class planetarium experience.  ...

  • Starry Night Pro 7

    Starry Night Pro 7

    Dive Into the Universe with the new Starry Night Pro!Stunningly realistic, Starry Night Pro immerses you in the wonders of the universe. A new layer of over 100 interactive, multimedia tours reveal the fascinating science and history of stars, providing a deeper understanding of the...

  • Starrynight Elementary School

    Starry Night Elementary School

    Discover a universe of learning with engaging K-4 activities. The pulse of the tides, the dance of the Moon and the swing of the seasons captivate even the youngest child. The realistic visualizations in Starry Night Elementary engage their...

  • EAGLE2 PRO, advanced control unit for telescopes and astrophotography


    Forget having to connect your telescope to a laptop or desktop computer with lengthy cables, and big batteries. With the EAGLE3 you will spend less time setting up your equipment and more time imaging! Everything is controlled via the included EAGLE Manager software and allowing you to perfectly connect the EAGLE to any telescope and remotely control...

  • EAGLE2, control unit for telescopes and astrophotography

    EAGLE CORE - DSLR camera

    Do you want to take pictures of galaxies, nebulae and star clusters like an expert but you don't want to use a computer for long exposure astrophotography with your Canon or Nikon DSLR and mirrorless cameras?  Switch to EAGLE CORE and combine the high performance of an astrophotography telescope with ease the use of a star...

  • ECCO

    ECCO, environmental computerized controller for EAGLE

    ECCO is the Environmental Computerized COntroller for EAGLE that automates the management of dew heaters during long exposure astrophotography. By adding the ECCO module to your EAGLE, it will automatically and continuously...